Friday, January 1, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve, ringing in 2010 at our house was eventful in my eyes but I am sure uneventful in many others. Farrah and Adam are here at our house for a three night stay and we spent the evening watching funny movies (Anchorman and The Hangover) while eating carry out Mooses Tooth. All of this was being done as well as spinning on the Louet and knitting on our New Years sweater projects. Eventful but uneventful if you know what I mean. Clint was in bed before the new year hit and Lola (our Shih Tzu) was horribly frightened by all of the fireworks ringing in the New Year over the course of 3 hours. It was fun, it was done and now it is 2010. To celebrate the holiday I did some fiber shopping. My wallet is not so happy this morning but I am VERY excited to see these new finds and work with them to make beautiful yarn. What do you think of my choices...

NEW FOR 2010 Hand Painted Corriedale Wool Top - 4 ounces - Color C16-10
From SunsetFibers on Etsy

Fireside Chat - Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester Roving - 11.8oz
From Northernlightsfiber on Etsy (Also, from Anchorage)

This is a special listing just for me... BFL, 2 pounds, for my sweater project, pin drafted, YEAH
From Sunsetfibers on Etsy


  1. Sunset Fibers is my fav! You will love the pin drafted fiber. I need to talk to her about some BFL.

  2. yes!! nice. i just bought some fiber too. i will post some pics when i get it and have a new blog entry tomorrow. just got out of the woods. skiied 8 miles today. it was awesome. and cold. i've been looking at northern light fibers. i want to go see her stuff personally just because i want to touch it. do you know if she does that?

  3. by the way, i've been spinning my baby alpaca.... LOVE IT. i'm plying it with silk soon...

  4. Blue Faced Leicester. I have heard it is a dream to spin with and creates a beautiful finished product. This lady is also having the fiber pin drafted at the mill so that the drafting is consistent for me. Split three ways and away you go with the spinning. I will let you know what I think of it after I get it!