Monday, January 4, 2010

New fiber. Yummy!

I received my fiber from Northern Lights Fiber Company today and I could hardly wait to spin some of it up. Wow is BFL wonderful to work with! It spins up like butter! So far I am spinning it up sort of thin. I am going to toy with a double ply and try to get enough out of this for a wrap of some sort. I may be aiming high but I guess I will see how much this fiber yeilds. It is 12 ounces so I should get a nice amount! Isn't it yummy!

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  1. gorgeous! i finished my baby alpaca and started my silk - bombyx. it is super hard to draft. it's really sticky and needs a ton of twist because i want to ply it with the baby alpaca. 12 oz!! that's a lot! i love the colors! i think i'm going to order from her soon...