Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

I love Friday.  Friday is the day that ends a busy stressful work week.  Friday is the day that I get to meet up with my knitty friends.  Friday is the day before I get to sleep in.  Friday is a GREAT day!  Do you all love Friday as much as I do?  
My husband who I love so dearly said to me on the phone the other day (Wednesday I believe), "It is Andy's birthday this week, he wants a hat."  End of story.  End of comment.  Not will you make him a hat, would you be able to get that done this week...  So I stewed on it for the afternoon and decided that Andy and Clint have become good buddies at work and it would be nice of me to make him a hat for his birthday, he has nicknamed me the yarn diva so I will show him what a YARN DIVA can do...  I went home that day (Wednesday I think) and pulled out colors to begin a hat.  I told my honey, sure I will make Andy a hat, do you think he will like these colors, so on, so forth.  His response, you will have that done by Friday?  Long story short, the work I did on Wednesday night had to be ripped out.  I was trying a new technique of wrapping the stitches and it looked terrible so I frogged with the determination to start again on Thursday after work.  Below is my progress as of today and I hope to get this hat done this weekend so Andy's head will stay toasty for the rest of the winter!!!
Clint and Andy share a toast at the local beer festival!
On another note...
Meet Temperence!
My newest owl bead that came to me from Australia.  She is so stinking cute, I am not sure what I am going to do with her.  My original plan was to make her into an orifice hook for my spinning wheel but I made one with the snow owl bead that I received last weekend.  I am going to have to stew on what she might become!  Her eyes get you but the detail is so awesome.  I can't capture it with the camera, you will just have to trust me.
With that, have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. Your husband's aunty thinks he owes you big time...a yarn diva extraordinaire!