Monday, January 18, 2010

What is your favorite yarn?

I have been sitting at home this evening admiring my lovely yarn collection.  Some of my yarn has been purchased with a purpose in mind - perfect for a sweater or that hat pattern that I saw in the latest knitting magazine.  Some of the yarn that I have aquired, however, does not have any purpose at all except for being beautiful.  Here are some of my beautiful skeins of yarn.  They will all eventually have a purpose but for now, I am happy to just look at them.



  1. Ahhh - you are rich in fiber! I can't wait to see what you make with your gorgeous new handspun!
    Thank you for the nice comments on my blog :-)

    I actually like the regular wool fiber better for socks than the Superwash with nylon - I think from now on I'll just use regular wool(right now I'm spinning some BFL for socks) with a nice tight twist and if needed add some nylon reinforced yarn in the heels.

  2. I see some Montana yarn...and your new spun yarn has great colors. Thanks for clueing me into your blog, I'm enjoying it. RBF