Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday's Treasures...

Today has been a full day already and it is only 2:23 pm.  Today, Pamela of Far North Fibers hosted an open house at her studio and I had made plans to arrive and meet my good friend Cathy.  It was a nice time of feeling wonderful fibers to spin, looking at her weaving projects and visiting with old and new friends.  Pamela is such a wonderful host and I am so glad I got out of bed in order to attend.  I also found some new treasures to use as I learn more about spinning.  I am so excited to work with my new drop spindle.  It is beautifully adorned with trees and birds and is hand made by Thomas C. Forrester in Canada.  I also picked up a new sett gauge and an orifice hook all made by the same gentleman.  The sett gauge is used after you have spun your yarn and it is a gauge used to determine what weight yarn you have spun.  The oriface hook is a tool used to pull the fiber through the "orifice" of the spinning wheel.  Mine did not come with one and I have decided that even though the orifice on my spinning wheel is fairly large and easy to thread the fiber though, the hook will make it even easier.  As I was driving home I stopped to pick up the mail and low and behold I had a package from Florida.  This package contained the most delicate and beautiful Snow Owl bead made by Mermaid Glass.  I was actually going to make an orifice hook with this bead and still may but I had to have him, isn't he cute?

The last photo shown is the progress I have made on my Clapotis!  It is moving right along and I think that the final project is going to be lovely.  A keeper for sure.

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