Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Updated sampling photo...

I let the yarn dry and it is amazing how much BFL blooms.  Here is a post wash test knit photo that also shows the color of the fiber a bit more...

Oh and after letting this dry I did a measurement on the yarn.  When I blogged earlier I didn't think it was thick enough but after drying it thickened up to be bigger than I want.  I am trying to achieve a sport weight yarn (12 WPI) and I spun up DK (11 WPI).  It is close, so, so close but a little bit thinner single might just be the trick.  I anticipate my final project will have a bit of variety though, as most hand spun projects do! 


  1. Can't wait to see how it all goes! Two pounds is a lot of fiber to stay consistent with. I am super impressed with your spinning skills.

  2. YOU ARE MY SPINNING HERO! :) I am so impressed - teach me your ways.... :)

  3. I LOVE your samples!
    Mine exploded with Poooooof after drying - 9WPI, but I think I'm going to knit as worsted/aran (need to swatch) since it will compress so easily. Isn't it soft stretchy glorious yarn?
    I didn't do any of the smart "tests" that you did - I just dove in and started spinning last weekend trying to make it bigger than my previous 3 plyed yarn. I have a "plyed back on itself" sample taped to the wheel and try to keep it fairly close to that. I've got 2 skeins done and plan to do 4-6 more before starting. Did I pick out a pattern? No - not yet. What are your contenders other than the Spin-Off one?
    I guess I should have written this to you in an email - sorry for the novel :-)