Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Handspun Morning Mitts (or mitt for now)...

Last night I sat down at the spinning wheel and worked on my fiber from Northern Lights Fiber Co.  It is just beautiful with its shades of orange, purple, red and rust.  I can't wait for the final product to be done.  I was so inspired by spinning my own yarn that I decided to wait no more and cast on a project with the yarn that I showcased in my last post.  I opened a brand new book up called The Knitter's Book of Yarn and immediately found a fingerless mitt pattern that would work.  It is a simple K2, P1 rib with a thumb.  It called out to me to be done on smaller needles.  I adjusted.  It worked and walla, a fingerless mitt was born.  Now I say a mitt was born because it's twin still has yet to make it's appearance.  I hope to knit it up tonight.
Handspun Morning Mitt's

Project Notes:
Pattern: Maine Morning Mitts (The Knitter's Book of Yarn)
Needle Size:  US 3
Yarn:  Handspun; 4 oz Corriedale Crossbred wool roving in 
Mum’s Fall Favorites, a combination of parchment, russet, spruce and chestnut.


  1. Ohh! Those look great!! Glad you're enjoying the fiber too! :)

  2. Jeanie - LOVE your blog!!! good job on the header - and GREAT job on the mitt!! ;-)