Thursday, August 26, 2010

Puppy vs Yarn. Puppy wins (at least for now)...

Remember that post. The one that said puppies and yarn don't mix. Well this is why.

Project number one in chaos due to Sterling Archer!

Is he mischievous? I think so. He also likes toilet paper. Oh and...

Laceweight Madelinetosh yarn that I just used to cast on 400+ stitches. But how can you be mad at this guy...

Who sleeps with his babies.

One last yarn photo, taken a few weeks ago. My stash!

Happy untangling everyone!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Slugs and a scarf... oh my life and rainy days!

I am going to slip in a quick post!  Life has been busy with a new baby in the house (Sterling - insert gratuitous dog photo here).
Sterling was not feeling well this day (he hurt his toe nail) and he was literally sleeping like a baby in my arms - while I was driving!  Bad driving but frigging cute dog!
  I have been doing a whole lot of nothing (nothing = walking dogs, feeding dogs, walking dogs, stalking dogs to make sure no one is having accidents, trying to get dogs to sleep, did I mention walking dogs?).
And did you know Alaska has a new record this year...
30 consecutive days of rain! 
I am sure you can sense my mood, dreary, down, a little blue.  Yes, we have had some nice sunny streaks, followed by a downpour or sprinkles at some point during the sunny day.  Yes, we understand the lower 48 states are sweltering but we are not and we wouldn't mind some sweltering weather in Alaska.  I will trade, I will, I will.  I just dream that I am going to wake up to big fat snowflakes and it makes me want to squish down farther in my bed.  Oh and the slugs, the slugs, I swear, I have NEVER in my life seen so many slugs.  We had at least 100 on the back of the house the other morning.  In fact, they were pry crawling out of the lawn saying help me, help me, we are drowning in the lawn!  GROSS!

On to some knitting!  I have so many wants to knit right now but right now my focus is on a colorful project.  This Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf which is SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE.  I am making this scarf out of some yarn that I bought over a year ago in Montana.  It is Mountain Color Yarn Bearfoot in the colorway Bitterroot Rainbow.  I chose this crazy colorway because it is named after the Valley that my husbands family has lived in since the 60's.  It is a beautiful place the Bitterroot Valley and that is also where the yarn company comes from.  Here is my Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf with 400 stitches cast on and about 1/2 inches of width done.  This is a special one and has a special place to live when it is done!  Can't tell but just know, it has a home.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Puppies and yarn...

don't mix! That's all. The end!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stinking cute baby hat...

I have a finished object to share with you. It is a fabulous little baby hat that I made as a stash busting project. I am a little bummed though as I do not have any little girls to give this to. It is going into the "gift box" for when I will get the announcement, usually from my husband, that there is a co-worker expecting and to get on with making a gift. Here it is for all to see.

Pattern: Sweet Baby Cap -
Yarn: Artyarns Super Merino in a purple color -leftover from my Wicked Sweater
Needle: Size 2 Knit Picks

This is a quick but very sweet pattern and paired with the right yarn it is very soft and sweet. I may try again and do stripes like many others have done.

Onto another gratuitous puppy picture. He is just so freaking cute. I can not help it!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who said I was trying to de-stash?

Well it certainly would not have come from my mouth, did it? Yesterday I got a call from the local yarn store that my yarn had arrived. What yarn you say? Look at this pile of wonderful...

12 skeins of blue sky ALPACA SILK. I ordered this yarn in a soft cream color because the sweater that I have chosen to knit has this classic appeal. Good with jeans. Good with a skirt. Cream seemed a logical classic choice for "lightweight pullover".

Other knitting stuff that is going on! Gauge swatches. I hate them, hate them, hate them... but when jumping into a sweater knit on size 2 needles - a gauge swatch is a necessity! So here is my swatch for my lacy sweater.

I absolutely hate carrying the yarn like I did but APPARENTLY this is the appropriate way to do a gauge swatch when the pattern is knit in the round. Pretty right?

And onto our dog photos. Isn't he cute after his haircut. He got tuckered out at work and cuddled up with his chew bone in his new bed! We love this little guy so much. Lola still isn't sure but she will come around.

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