Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spinning for "the sweater"!

Tonight I came home feeling "fiber-y" but not ready to knit.  I decided to pull my spinning wheel out and test spin a few samples for the big project I have decided to take on this year, spinning the yarn for and knitting a sweater.  I have read a few articles on the subject, Knitty had an interesting one a few years ago called Spin me a sweater!  More recently though I found a nice article in Spin Off Magazine called "Swatching and Sampling for the Oatmeal Cardigan.  Now this is the sweater I contemplated knitting and it is still on the "possibilities list".  Tonight however, I wanted to just get a feel for spinning really thin singles and trying it out as 2-ply and 3-ply to see what weight I could achieve.  It has been interesting to realize how much effort goes into planning a garment.  Here are my samples so far.  They are a little damp so I cannot get proper measurements but I would guess that my three ply is a little bit thin for the sport weight that I am attempting to achieve.  More practice and testing and finally, I will have a control card to refer to before I start to really spin the 2 pounds of fiber waiting for me...

My photo is terrible but you get the idea!!!

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