Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Talk of lazy kates and socks...

So my friend Alissa left a comment about my sock yarn yesterday and that she couldn't three ply yet because she doesn't have a lazy kate aside from the one she has built into her wheel and I remembered seeing this trick in a book I picked up called "Start Spinning".  So instead of typing it all out, here is a photo of how you can construct your own lazy kate.  Imagine a third bobbin in here and whalla, you can do some three ply!!!  If you don't have an extra bobbin, try winding the yarn onto the toilet paper roll core. 
Photo taken from book Start Spinning by Maggie Casey
Socks or rather, sock...
Here is my finished Uptown Boot Sock, so squishy, so lovely.  Now I need to finish it's mate.


  1. thanks jeanie!! i'm just being lazy! :) and i'm sick - it sounds like we have the same sickness. snotty, can't breathe - though my eyes are burning too.... ugh. take me back to hawaii!!

  2. Oh I am so stinking sick that really, really I should be home in bed just resting but you know, when life deals you lemons... We are keeping the office afloat... Hope you feel better soon. Yeah, Hawaii sounds WONDERFUL right now.