Monday, February 1, 2010

It is Monday morning and I still haven't been to bed...

Andy's Birthday Chullo, originally uploaded by jeaniefarley1973.
maybe that is because I spent all day Sunday lounging in my bed, watching movies and nursing my head. All week I have seemed to be plagued by my aching head and I decided to forgo my pain medication today and let it ride itself out. It finally did at about 8pm and I decided to get up, go to the couch instead of the bed and finish Andy's hat. I had his hat finished on Saturday but my iCord bind off turned out extremely tight and was making the ear flaps curl up really, really bad. I tore it out before the hat dried and left it for the night to mull on how I was going to finish this thing off. It took me all day on Sunday to return to the project, I know, hard to believe that I didn't touch my knitting all day long... Well the hat is done and it is ready to be given to it's recipient. Modeled photo's will appear as soon as my husband makes Andy model for them!!! A new requirement from people I gift knitted items to.


  1. It is a fantastic hat!! I-cord bind off is trickery...I almost always go up a needle or two in order to loosen it up. What did you do?

    Hope you feel better soon! This has got to be a very busy time of year for you. :)

  2. Holly Jo,
    Thanks. I really love the finished look of icord bind off but geez, it wasn't working for me this weekend. I will have to try the bigger needle method as I was using one a size smaller. Makes sense! I ended up doing a purl round then a knit round and then binding off using a stretchy bind off. It looks nice. On the ear flaps I slipped the first stitch before the decrease stitches so the edge looks nice too.

    I woke up this morning without a headache! Yeah. Hope it stays that way today because yes, I am VERY busy at work!

  3. this is gorgeous Jeanie!!!!!! looking forward to Andy showing off your beautiful work :-)

  4. Not for the Andy you are thinking of but this one likes his new hat too!