Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days?

Well I have, today was one of those days!  When you are a Mom, you have the pleasure of going to the doctors with or without your kids (today was without) to discuss all the stuff that is going on with them (today was ADHD).  Doing this usually bites into your work schedule which just makes the day all wonky.  Then phone calls and emails and, and, and... without getting into it, I just had one of those days.  This is a video that my friend Dalon posted on her blog.  Hopefully it will make you feel better when you are having "one of those days".  I know it worked for me...
On to some good stuff.  Monday night Zaynab and I went over to Flo's house for spinning.  Flo or as we call her "Purple Flo" is the woman that taught me to knit 5 years ago!  I had gone into Knitting Grounds with my sister and fell in love, so I went back to get a knitting lesson but Zaynab was busy, she had a troop of Girl Scouts in for a lesson so she asked Purple Flo if she could give me a lesson.  I have been knitting ever since.  Those first few stitches were crooked and I missed a few that caused holes (and I ripped out my scarf over and over because I am, well me).  It was really nice to see Flo again, remind her of our time together and get down to why we went to her house, SPINNING.  I worked on spinning up my Blue Faced Leicester Fiber that is to become a sweater at some point this year.  The weight is getting close but it is not perfect.  I think I am going to have to quit trying to be a perfectionist.  I am very happy with my first skein and I just hope it will get better and better.
Tonight I came home did a few chores and had a wonderful dinner cooked by my favorite Chef, Clint.  I climbed into my bed, turned my TV onto channel 13 (ABC) and watched LOST as I knit to many gauge swatches.  I hate gauge swatches - WITH A PASSION!  I knit up three swatches and never got to my goal of 15 stitches in 4 inches.  I will do one last swatch before I start the project but for tonight I am done.  I moved on to working on my Hawthorn Shawlette.  I am on chart number 4 row 5.  The purl rows are getting longer and longer. 
One last note, Clint took some photo's of Andy modeling his hat but I am clearly going to have to teach Clint what I mean in regards to modeling.  I do not have one photo of Andy's face in his hat!  I would have loved to see a goofy smile or eyes, or something but this is what I got!!!


  1. I am really sorry it has been one of those days. Those meetings are very difficult. :( Nice that you got to round it out with some quiet time in bed even if it is with swatching.

  2. unfortunately I DO know what "one of those days" feels like - and I'm sorry you had one :-( and I thought it was starting out so well!!!!! thanks for the blog share - so glad you liked the video! wasn't that great?! think I need to view it more often - maybe even use the words in a scrap layout :-) even though Clint didn't get Andy's face, he did take a good pic of the hat in action!! ;-)

  3. Oh you know, some days are just like that. The doctor was fine, she is new and asks a lot of questions, which is good, but it is more than I have gotten in the past so I get overwhelmed. The work stuff is good to, it just makes you validate the job you do and know that you do well. Last night I asked Clint, why do I try to control things that are out of my control. Or another way to explain would be why do I worry about things that do not pertain to me or that I have no control over. Once I said it outloud, it kind of vanished. Funny thing, since I normally loose sleep about stuff like this!!!