Monday, February 8, 2010

Devising a plan...

It is Sunday night (oh crud, I did it again), it is Monday morning...  I am sitting here watching re-runs (Bones, CSI, why can I watch these over and over) and looking online at my favorite web sites and blogs.  I spend way to much time on Ravelry - WAY to much time and tonight I was curious.  Is there a group out there for WIP (work in progress) knitting projects?  Of course there is right, I mean, I can't be the only person with this problem - I KNOW I am not the only person with this problem.  So hey, I found several groups/forums that talk about plans and define WIP's and basically are there for you to justify not finishing something.  I understand why this happens.  We see a project, the pattern is beautiful, the yarn is delicious and we excitedly get started and before you know it you have this beautiful project (most of the time) and then you get ummmm, bored.  The project may be endless rows of stockinette stitch or just not moving along fast enough.  You may just not like the way it is looking or don't see it will be useful after all.  I for one have WIP's that meet each of those definitions.  One thing I learned by reading the different forum posts this evening is 
•If the WIP is ugly, or you just plain don't want to finish it - IT IS OK TO FROG IT (rip it, rip it, rip it out), or as one person wrote, THROW IT AWAY (which I cannot fathom but this is because the yarn I use is just to expensive).  Maybe you chose the wrong yarn for the design or you just hate the pattern once you get into it.  Don't torture yourself, undo it.  Move on!!!
I have also decided to do something else that I learned from reading the forums.  
•Pick one night a week and dedicate that evening to working on a WIP.  One of the suggestions was to declare the night per week you are dedicating and announce it.  That way you will hold yourself a bit more accountable and this effort might actually be achieved.  I am declaring that Thursday evening will be my evening to work on WIP's.  This seems to be a good long night of knitting because it is the one night I plant myself in front of the TV from 7-???  Thursday evenings have always been my BIG TV night with you know, Bones, Greys Anatomy and Private Practice on the TV I should get a ton of work done on my WIP's.
Here is my number #1 priority.  Cathy, Zaynab and I purchased this project on our trip to OFFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival) last year.  We all eagerly began the project.  Zaynab finished hers first, Cathy is danger close and I am running in the rear on this one.  I want to get it done so that we can enjoy our wraps on an evening out as we all promised to do.  Blocking may become a group event and I want to be part of that.  Wish me luck on this monotonous pattern (my main reason it is a WIP).


  1. You can do it!! It is so monotonous that it makes a great Friday night project, you don't have to think about it. Just talk and knit.

  2. Well now that I have taken it out I am wanting to work on it! It is so soft! Maybe I will knock it out this week! Hmmmm....

  3. this is a great post Jeanie!! I feel like this with my scrappin ... and if I just touched the pile (or piles/boxes/etc) just once a week, I would at least feel some accomplishment - but like you, I just can't throw supplies away - I use scraps all the time!! :-)

  4. doooo eeeeet! (just don't get near by WIPs - they make me feel safe....)

    JUST KIDDING!!!! love you - you inspire me. :)

  5. We all knit differently Farrah! My WIPS make me feel out of control. Isn't that funny! How is the wheel. We were chatting about you last night at spinning.