Monday, February 15, 2010

Cool Madras...

Hello everyone! I am back with a fiber blog. I have been working on some spinning the last few evenings. It gives me a chance to get out of my head and sometimes you just have to do that. Here is my latest spin. The beautiful blue, green, yellow and white fiber is from Fat Cat Knits. It is Blue Faced Leicester in the color called Cool Madras. I spun up three very thin singles and did a normal three ply yarn. I over spun the ply intending this yarn to be used for socks. I did a little bit to much though... The yarn even after soaking was not cooperating so I wound it back on the knitty notty damp to get some of the kinks out BUT I might have over done that. I am not winning here. I was hoping for a 14 wraps per inch weight but I have a 16 wraps per inch weight which is light fingering. I might do a second soak to see if I can beef the fiber up just a little bit but overall the consistency is nice and the yarn will work well for socks on a smaller needle. Farrah just pointed out a wonderful pattern that the meager yardage (236) will work with. They are socks made just for clogs. I am so excited to make a pair for spring. I can wear them with my clogs and capris and not look like a middle aged man on vacation! For my knitting friends, the pattern Turkish Bed Socks or here on Ravelry, are going to be just perfect!


  1. love it! i can't do a three ply yet (other than a navajo three-ply)- i don't have a 3 bobbin lazy kate.

  2. I saw a really cool idea in a book. Take a shoe box. Put holes for a dowl on either side of the top, so you have three holes going down either side of the open top. Put dowls through the bobbins and ply away, if you don't have enough bobbins, wind your yarn onto toilet paper insides and use those. I have not tried it but several spinning friends have mentioned it as well and my reading it...

  3. Such beautiful yarn! Another colorway I need to try!
    It will make wonderful bed socks! (I bet you'll have plenty of leftovers too)