Sunday, February 21, 2010

My sweet love is turning 40!

This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with fiber, spinning or knitting.  This weekend was plum full but not of fiber crafts.  Instead I was preparing the house for my sweeties surprise birthday bash.  I started planning this about 5 weeks ago sending out an invite with this photo collage.  
You see Clint and I used to have wonderful parties.  Every year we would invite our co-workers and family and friends over to share wonderful margaritas and laughter.  Once we had our third baby we kind of slowed down.  Life changed and the parties didn't happen for some time.  I decided that we would bring back the famous "Farley Margarita Party" for Clint's birthday celebration.  Here are some highlights of the night.
Take good margarita's and one surprised man and you get...
a pimped out man sporting a cane inspired from the movie UP (wonderful gift) with a bottle of gin taped to it, a ridiculous outfit his wife pulled together (nice hat and kiss me I'm 40 flashing button).  The ice cream cake was literally melting but not from the candles, BUT because I am a moron and stored it in the fridge not the freezer, but hey, he blew out all those candles in one breath!!!


  1. What fun, fun, fun. My boys cannot be 40 - I won't allow it! Auntie Rache

  2. Sorry Aunt Rachel. They are definately turning 40! YIKES. Does that mean I am married to the creepy old man now. Ha. Just kidding. Love you. J