Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New fiber - on the way to me NOW...

I have made a new "blog" friend this last month.  This happens when you frequent Ravelry (which I do often) and start to participate in forums (which I had stayed away from but since spinning have started to do a little of).  Pat is a fantastic spinner, knitter and quilter and she shared a project recently (the one you will see if you click her name)  that had me researching a fiber source, Fat Cat Knits.  I love her colors, her ability to put two very different colors together for a shared reason, plying, fair isle, etc.  She is a very sweet lady to work with and overall I feel because of Pat, my new "blog" friend, I have a new fiber friend, Ginny, too.  Here is what is on it's way to me as we speak.  

Aren't they yummy?


  1. Thank you Jeannie :-)
    You made some beautiful choices! Can't wait to see them spun up!
    I have the Pomegranite - except in merino/bamboo/nylon - yours is SO much brighter- I love it! (I'm guessing the bamboo and nylon don't take up the dye as strongly)

  2. They ARE yummy! Can't wait to see what you think of BFL...I have never spun with it and heard it is ideal for beginning spinners.

  3. Holly Jo- I have actually spun quite a bit of BFL and it is a beginners dream. It is long stapled and like butter. My Fireside Chat Yarn that I am doing Clapotis out of is BFL and the 2 pounds of fiber I am working on for my sweater is also BFL. It is great! I have yet to try the Falkland and I have heard it is a cross between BFL and Merino and very nice to work with too. I have not enjoyed working with my Merino so I hope I like the Falkland!