Sunday, May 22, 2011

Navajo Ply in Twilight by Abstract Fibers

Nply, originally uploaded by jeaniefarley1973.

Here is a close up of my fiber that I have been Navajo Plying. Isn't it gorgeous! I am building quite a collection of hand spun. I suppose I better start using it in some projects!


  1. The colors are gorgeous, but I am SUPER impressed with your navajo plying. Is this sample from your first try? It looks so even. Great job!

  2. Very pretty! I am a little confused though, we're supposed to use the yarn we are making?

  3. Holly Jo,I have a couple of scrap spins that I first tried on. This is about my third attempt and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Cathy. I used very little of my Twilight so we will have plenty for our Catnie (thats the best I could come up with) yarn. I was thinking about that yesterday going what yarn did Cathy want to combine. Which one was it! Dur - it was this one! Lets get on it. I will try to finish spinning my fiber up this week so we can ply, ply, ply!