Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Madness!

Nply, originally uploaded by jeaniefarley1973.
It has been a crazy busy May... I don't even know where to start! Tanner's graduation, fiber retreat in Big Lake, Elliot's promotion to middle school, the last day of school, Opening Ceremonies for Dimond West Little League! BASEBALL, BASEBALL, BASEBALL every night until 10 or so! Life is busy but in between all of the stuff I have managed to work on my knitting and my spinning. Do you remember the reference to the fiber retreat in Big Lake? What fun we had and what happens at Fiber Camp, stays at Fiber Camp! No really, I was there with 3 of my favorite people and I took my weekend to try new things. I spun from a batt, plied with thread, mastered spinning merino and had a little lesson in Navajo plying which I have been wanting to learn for a long time. Trinette was super and gave me a mini lesson which made so much sense. I came home and bombed my first few attempts but yesterday while spinning with Farrah I showed her the video of the lady I wanted to be like and she ummmm figured it out! I was still struggling but a few little tactile prompts from Farrah and I had it. It is so rhythmic and soothing that I just love plying this way and it also is a great way to spin and preserve long color sections. I am using it on some fiber that Cathy brought me from OFFF called Twilight. It is merino and silk and it is just beautiful I am spinning it in a way to have very long color draws and the N-Ply is preserving them very nicely. Check out this video sometime if you are looking for a nice way to Navajo Ply.