Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation Pretties...

Citron, originally uploaded by jeaniefarley1973.
Yesterday my oldest son graduated from high school. To say that my life is entering a new phase is a small statement. I still have two boys left at home but this was the start of things to come and I have been a little "strange" this last week! I can't really put my finger on it but maybe it is best to just say, life is changing!
My in-laws flew in from Montana this last week and in order to show them the very best of all times we drove them to Homer, took the ferry to Seldovia and my Dad took us out Halibut and King Salmon fishing on Kachemak Bay! We were successful at not getting skunked but we did not limit out either (well I did ;-)). During the long 5 hour drive down and 5 hour drive back and bits of time in between I worked on Citron. I had a goal. Get this little number done in time to wear for graduation! It took me all of the trip and into the night Sunday but it was blocking while we slept and I shopped for the right outfit Monday morning! I love it. It is soft and cozy and a very pretty knit. The long rows are long, the ruffle is 540 stitches x 11 rows. You do the math! It is a bit tedious but the end result is worth it. Details in next post!
Here is my handsome graduate and my wonderful family!


  1. I thought about you as I drove past the packed arena on Monday to pick up my son from school. What a milestone!!! It must be surreal. Congratulations all around. :)

    Citron is just beautiful and looks lovely on you, of course.

  2. It was a bit surreal! And wonderful! And a little sad, but a good sad! And I am so tired!

  3. Time is gonna fly from now on...take lots of pics. Love the citron and love you guys.