Friday, December 18, 2009

Labels for knitted goods

So, I found a lady on Etsy who makes labels to put inside your hand knitted wears... I ordered some. Here are my labels. What do you think?

I ordered these from


  1. who? i have been struggling with labels for awhile. they want to charge me a ton of money for like 100 labels. and i don't need 100 labels!!!

  2. I found mine here. I didn't do a whole lot of price shopping, I liked the look of her work and that is why I went this direction. I hope you find something you like.

  3. they are awesome! i just got some in last night that i ordered from a company that does tags for kids clothing. they only had pre-designs, but i needed to order some, so i got some with a super simple sailboat design - i will post a pic soon. i think i will go through mommiemadeit shortly. she's really cheap! and you can have a custom design! hey, i was going to tell you, i think you can pay a few bucks to get the "blogspot" out of your website. i go through wordpress (they don't own your content) and i paid $14 for a domain name. just a thought if you wanted to shorten your name and your label.