Thursday, December 30, 2010

PRE-New Years Resolution

Today I made a resolution to finish a WIP before I ring the new year in.  I chose an one of my older WIP's that is a gift!  The recipient does not know she is getting this, so she is not biting her nails waiting on it but I would love to send it to her so that she may use it during the winter months!

I of course am farther along that this photo shows but NOT MUCH!  So I am going to hunker down on the sofa tomorrow, bright and early and knit away until it is done, including the fringe!  
Project Details: 
Pattern:  Scrappy Scarf (sorry, this is a ravelry purchased pattern)
Yarn:  Mountain Colors Bearfoot in colorway Bitterroot Rainbow
Needles:  Size 8 Knit Picks

I CAN'T WAIT to achieve my resolution.

My 2011 New Years Resolution...
Take into account what I have before I say or act on my needs.  I have so much!  I need very little.  I need to practice this everyday until it becomes habit!

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