Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Knitting!

Holiday knitting is going well, chugging right along, knit 3 purl 1, repeat until a project is done.  Fill up the sink, throw in some bubbles, soak, soak, soak, pull, stretch, form, ADMIRE.  I love seeing a project done!  I love putting away the scraps of yarn, placing the needles back in my organizer, buttoning up all the loose ends and saying once again, I have completed a project.  

Since most of the knitting I have been doing is for "under the tree", I cannot post detail about recipients and really I need to keep photo's to snippets.  Here are some to keep you coming back for the details...

What are you working on for the holidays?  Besides all of this knitting I have been doing, I am working on re-decorating our youngest boys bedroom.  That is what they asked "Santa" for.  Santa had to hire Mom and Dad.  Paint went up last weekend.  The bunk bed gets picked up tomorrow and they will have to wait for the rest under the tree!  My MIL will be spending the holiday with us.  I am one of the lucky wives who's husband does the cooking in the house!  YEAH me.  So I am not thinking much about that.  I think my focus will be on keeping the house picked up and making sure everyone's goodies are wrapped and in their socks before Christmas morning.  We will go go my Sister's house on Christmas Eve for our annual party and Boxing Day will be spent attending church and having a yummy breakfast out (my housekeeping fairies are coming to clean that day).

What are you doing for the holidays?


  1. I did a loud SQUEE when I saw the colourwork. You're a good Santa, friend! I'm crossing the boundary between new knitter and knitter who gifts... no handknit pressies for my friends this year!

    A project I gifted that I really want for myself is the Fiddlehead mitts. They were so beautiful. I really want to knit a pair of Bird in Hand mitts for the next -30 streak. We'll see! Do you have a fave yarn for colourwork?

  2. Jocelyn. I really have enjoyed using the Berrico Ultra Alpaca. It is soft. Has tooth from the wool but is not to scratchy. I have been using the worsted weight but it is not to bad with smaller needles. Stitch definition is pretty good. Also. It is affordable!

    I also love your fiddlehead mittens. I have wanted to make those for a long time and I love the colors you did yours in. Well done.

    I am pretty burnt put on the holiday knitting but I hope it is soon coming to a close. Darn socks take forever.

  3. Thanks!! I swooned over that very yarn just last weekend (the colours. OH THE COLOURS). Purchase totally justified.

  4. I have seen your projects in their full glory on Ravelry. Just gorgeous!

  5. did everyone like their beautiful presents??

  6. Well! I am not sure my folks have seen theirs yet. Everyone else loved their gifts.