Monday, December 6, 2010


I got an email this weekend. I though it was a pretty cool email. My blog has had over 1500 visitors from over 600 cities! Pretty cool that my ramblings would generate traffic. I am so happy you all follow me and are interested in what I am knitting and spinning and the happenings in my life. As the new hear approaches I will be reaching my one year anniversary of my blog and I would love to know what keeps you coming back! I want to make my posts relevant to you and try to write something useful. Please comment on this post and you will be entered into a grab bag drawing.

This bag is full of yarn and goodies. Some are left overs and some are brand new. There is a hefty amount of lace weight and enough for a pair of socks and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a book or two and some other surprises. No peeking though. It is a Christmas give away. I will draw from the list of names from people who leave a comment on Monday, December 13, so don't miss out!
Whats on my needles you ask? Well for one there are two many projects on the needles but I am enjoying working on ALL of them.
First let me show off this beautiful cowl I am making from some of my Italian Cashmere. It is SO soft and special.

The pattern is Pretty Thing from Stephanie Pearl McPhee. This picture is lousy but I will post a photo shoot when I am all done with it. This pattern is easy. I was a little confused at first as she states to repeat row 1, 7 times around your needles. I took that for doing 7 rounds of row 1. Wrong. All she is saying is to do the chart round seven times as that is how many repeats are in the pattern. I added 17 stitches to my pattern so I have 8 repeats.

End of May mittens. These started as a Christmas gift but have quickly become new mittens for me! I love this pattern. I have made it once before and decided to do it again. I am in a de-stashing mode and happened to have enough Alpaca Wool blend in my stash to make the pair. these are going slowly only because I am making them two at a time...
The holidays are coming quickly. Personally I have been very overwhelmed by the volume of STUFF that we have accumulated in our home over the last 10 years. It may be my fault. I have been watching a lot of episodes of Hoarders. It makes me want to de-clutter. So Clint and I have been doing just that. We have cleaned out the office, gone through our DVD collection, pitched our cassette tapes and I even organized the bathroom after having my wonderful husband install some shelves. The counter is FREE of my clutter and it feels so good. What are you doing this season? For yourself, for others?


  1. Oh, Hoarders is the ickiest show and once I watched it, and I am NOT kidding, it was a knitter (with other issues, not just stash) and they made her get rid of all this yarn and NEEDLES!

    Congrats on so much blog traffic. I like watching what you knit mostly for pattern and yarn ideas, but I like the spinning too. :)

  2. You are so very talented Jeanie. I love looking at your blog to see what new ideas you have come up with. Thanks for creating this blog to share. Congrats on all of your traffic!

  3. Congratulation!!! Your cowl is beautiful..

  4. that's fantastic!!! interesting that people from all over the world can see what you post - LOVE It!!! ;-)