Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Technology rocks! Knitting does too! Sometimes they work together...

I have been knitting, honest I HAVE but I have also been distracted this week with my new toy!  Even though I got to go to Europe this summer, I begged and begged and begged and due to all of that begging my honey let me order an iPad for my birthday!  I ordered it on my birthday but it only arrived this week!  It was agony waiting for this to come in the mail as I am an instant gratification girl.  I went basic and ordered the 16gig WiFi version!  It is the cheapest one out there and I thought, hey, it is all I need.  It does everything a laptop at home will do (ALMOST).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my iPad.  So does everyone else in the family.  So I have organized it and aside from going through thousands of photo's that desperately need to weed down I have everything on it that I think I will load for a time.  Some of my favorite things...
1.  Kindle for iPad - reading on the iPad is wonderful!
2.  GoodReader for iPad (I can view all of my knitting patterns - no more printing out patterns)
3.  Angry Birds - it is just fun
4.  Browsing the internet, in my bed
5.  Updating Ravelry from my bed using the camera syncing options and plug in's to upload pictures to project pages (some work still needs to be done here but it works 80%)
6.  NETFLIX - I can watch anything on my iPad that I would be able to watch on my computer and via the WII.  IT IS AWESOME...
7.  1.5lbs.
OK.  I will stop going on and on about my iPad.  I don't know if it is wrong but I have been going to bed with it.  I still sleep next to Clint but the iPad is right in between us!
WIP:  I have two new projects on the needles.  I do not have enough of either of them done to really show off pictures but first I am working on my second Wicked Sweater.
This is a picture of my first Wicked Sweater!
I love the fit of this sweater so much that I decided to make it a second time (and because my sister has stolen my first one).  Right now I am about 1/2 done with the raglan increases and got a little bored so I put it aside and cast on for a cute little baby hat.  This is another stash busting project and I found it on Ravelry when viewing projects other people have done with the one skein of yarn I had left from yes, my first Wicked Sweater!  How is that for grouping of my projects!  This little baby hat has many little points and here is a photo of a finished one (not mine).  
© Stickigt 
My mood:  Has been OK.  The weather has frankly been SUCKY and unfortunately that really plays on my mood!  I am still logging my food and exercising at least 5 days a week!  That helps.  The arrival of my iPad has really helped.  
Reading:  Well I was just getting into the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and then I went to Sams Club and saw the book for the Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud (the movie is starting on Friday) so I downloaded it from Amazon and read it in a couple of days (on my new iPad).  It is a good, quick read and makes me want to see the movie even more.  I think it has a very spiritual feel and really hits on some good points about life and death and living!  The movie will be a tear jerker and a mushy romance but I like those movies and I am totally ready for it!


  1. I'm so happy I know you. I've had Girl with the Dragon Tatoo on my bedside table for about a month. Need to pick it up & read it!

    I love your Norweigan baby hat- it's darling in the stripey goodness! It's the official knitting pattern of my local knitting group.

    Happy for you and your iPad too! Do you have an iPhone? The way you're gushing you sound just like me when I first got my phone. I lost it last month - heartbreak!! :)

    Happy Belated Birthday! xoxo

  2. I am so happy I know you too and to think! It all started with a few balls of Noro Silk Garden! The book is good and I am really excited to get through it and see the film based on it (subtitled but still going to be worth it). The hat is fun to knit and I am just about done! That is funny that it is the "official pattern". I think my knitting group needs to get one of those... I LOVE MY iPad and I do have an iPhone. I lost mine last summer in the harbor in Homer but instantly got a new one. My husband says now you will want the iPhone 4 but really, I love the one I have. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a good one!

  3. That is a great picture and such a cute wicked sweater - and I'm laughing about you sleeping with the I-pad!
    I would be glad to send some of this 90 degrees weather your way as long as you take the thunder and lightning storms that come with it because they are starting forest's that time of year in the Bitterroot Nat'l Forest.
    hugs, R