Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girdwood = good fun!

Two of my knitting friends and I have been discussing getting away for the weekend to do some knitting.  It finally happened.  Girdwood is a little ski town 45 minutes south of Anchorage.  Easy drive, quiet, off the road, relaxing ~ just what the doctor ordered...
1.  We had a wonderful dinner at Jack Sprat's.
2.  We watched the debut episode of Covert Affairs on USA.
after a gorgeous day we had a nice sleep and woke up to RAIN...  however, rain is relaxing so we...
3.  Enjoyed a great breakfast at The Bake Shop.
4.  Relaxed in the condo while knitting and napping.
Cathy working on a sock, I am working on Ishbel, my shawl, Zaynab is working on a cool scarf!
 5.  Ran up the circular staircase about 100 times to pee (my water habit is getting better and in this case giving me some exercise too).
 I highly recommend a Girdwood getaway to all of my girls...
My knitting progress this weekend.  I worked on the Ishbel shawl.  It is coming along nicely.