Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reviewing resolutions for progress...

How many of you have made a resolution, just to forget about it?  I have many, many times in the past but this year I really wanted to stick to my knitting resolutions.  I revisited my post about my resolutions and I am happy to report that I am indeed making progress.  Remember resolution #1.  I do.  It is a tough one...

Resolution #1: FINISH my UFO's (unfinished objects). Knit them, frog them, decide what they are to become once and for all!!! Here are my current UFO's...
Lace Beret (frogged, wasn't feeling this one)
Tapestry Cowl (frogged, lots and lots of work for a garnment I wouldn't wear much)
Selbu Modern for Kirsten (frogged, sock yarn was not working for this one)
Woodlands Shawl (frogged, yet another shawl that I wont wear BUT I made a hat for Kirsten with the yarn)
Sock Yarn Blanket
Uptown Boot Socks (worked on this project, finished sock one, sock two is well on it's way)
In the mean time I am working on my second sweater of the year, my Icelandic Cardigan.  It is moving along and currently I am working on the body of the sweater and I have cast on both sleeves using magic loop and two at a time method.  I have to limit my time working this as the wool is not the most pleasant to work with.  It softens up after washing but raw is a little rough on the hands.
Other knitting news...
I finished the shawl that I started on when my BFF Farrah was here for the holidays.  Hayworth is done and is currently blocking.  I have spent the last couple of weeks determined to get a few projects off the needles and I managed to do it with a little determination. 
Spinning has been a bit on hold for a couple of reasons.  I am attending my Icelandic Sweater class on Mondays.  That is the evening that I had dedicated to spinning at my friend Flow's house.  It will resume this coming Monday as we have a break from class to get some major work done on our sweaters.  I plan on working on my fiber for my sweater.  I want to get that knocked out.
This post is void of photo's but it is for a reason.  As soon as my shawl is blocked out I plan to have a little photo shoot of it and also of my Ribbed Cable Wrap.  So check back soon!

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