Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hairbands and scarves...

I just drove home from a three day client meeting in Chistochina and I was welcomed at the mailbox with two packages.  Both of these packages were addressed to ME and I knew exactly what was in each of them.  Both of them were wonderful, wonderful gifts that were sent to me from friends.  The first gift that I received was from Little Byrd (see this post).  Rebekah is a friend from the past and newly found in the present (she tells our story on the linked post).  I won a drawing from her blog for the cute little hairband that I have on here (oh and I am modeling my last post finish object, Hayworth.  Isn't it cute?)... 
Rebekah made this headband and makes tons of other cute things she sells on her Etsy site, littlebyrdvintage.  Check it out sometime, you will love what you see.
My second package contained some yarn that was gift forwarded from my bestie, Farrah.  It is a group on Ravelry that swaps knitting stuff and instead of claiming it for yourself, you claim it for a friend.  It is some beautiful peacock blue sock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill.  
Isn't it wonderful to be gone from home and arrive to packages?  I think so...

On the knitting front, I am NOT making very quick progress on my Icelandic sweater.  A couple of reasons why...
1. It is boring knitting, roundy, roundy.
2. I am not in love with Icelandic Wool, Lopi (it is itchy, scratchy and catches on all of my dry hand spots)
Maybe I will invest in a manicure to help me through the knitting of this.  I think getting myself to the fair isle part will also help.
I am almost done with my Uptown Boot Socks.  During my long business trip I worked on these socks exclusively and turned the heel, did the gusset and have half of the foot knit.  In fact I have 24 more rows of pattern and then I get to do the toe.  It have a feeling those socks will be on my FEET tomorrow, just in time for a fashion show!
More later.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. It looks so cute on you! And matches your cowl perfectly :) Loving that blue color in your new yarn - will be excited to see the porject you make with it. Have a great weekeend Jeannie!