Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knitting with Icelandic Wool...

It has been to many days since my last post.  Life has been busy, but not busy!  I am not sure if anyone else knows what that means but it is how I describe my life most of the time.  I am a wife, a mother of three, pet owner, full time business owner and lover of my social life which includes knitting and spinning.  My life is busy but not busy (in a bad way).  I LOVE my weekends.  I love to sleep in.  I hate to clean house (complete opposite of how I was in my early pre knitting life).  I hate to cook.  So really when I describe my life and my weeks and my days I am average.  A normal wife with three kids who work full time.  With all that said, since my last post, I spent some time resting this weekend after an emotional Friday afternoon at our friend Alan's Celebration of Life.  So many people turned out for the event, it was wonderful.  Even the recovery dog, Meg, was there to meet everyone.  What a special dog.  If you are a interested take a minute to read her story.  She did an amazing thing finding Alan so he could be brought home and put to rest properly.  Tuesday was his funeral and burial.
Forgive my blury photo of Meg, being pet my Nadina, a close friend and Lee, Alan's Father.
On to knitting.  Monday I started an Icelandic Sweater/Cardigan class.  The reason I decided to try this class out was because in order to make this sweater a cardigan, I have to steek or cut my knitting.  EEK is right.  What a scary thought, cutting your beautiful knitting.  It is one of the techniques I wanted to learn this year so here we go.  Here is my progress thus far and here you also get a glimps of the pattern and the colors I have chosen.

Next I get to join in knitting in the round and get busy knitting up the body of the sweater.  The next step will be knitting the arms and then joining it all for the color work.


  1. the yarn harlot is steeking too. i gasped when i saw the cuts in her beautiful sweater. stEEK!

  2. I know, I totally read that and was freaking out a little with her. I loved how she measured, remeasuered, remeasured, etc, etc like 12 times.
    I would do that. It made me smile. Luckily my steek is straight down the middle. It is quite fascinating how this is done.