Monday, April 11, 2011

OK... are you sick of me yet???

Cedar Leaf Necky, originally uploaded by jeaniefarley1973.

Pattern Notes:
Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos
Fleece Artist Sea Wool
Size 6 Knit Picks Options

This is my third finished object of the weekend... Oh did I forget to mention my last project - Fireweed Hand spun Cowl - was finished yesterday while snuggling up with my husband as we watched Avatar? Sorry, I forgot to mention that. At that point I gave myself permission to cast on a new project and then I had a little talk with myself...self, you are so close to finishing Cedar Leaf Shawlette. Just 14 leaves to go. Finish it up and then you can feel good about all of those new projects that you have in your knitting bag... Do it! So I did it! It was painful. I love the final project. I am glad I finished it. It is a beautifully written project and a wonderful accessory. It was painful to finish and let me tell you why! This shawl starts out quick and moves along great and then you start the clever edge, where you knit the leaves and attach it to the last row of stockinette. And you get through 6 leaves lickity split and then it is just painful. If you could memorize the 18 rows that make up one of the leaves it would be so, so, so much easier but I couldn't.

OK friends... I am done bombarding you for the evening. I think I have covered all that I have done. I feel very accomplished! Three finished objects in one weekend. It is kind of like my version of spring cleaning! Now I have three projects that are ready to jump on the needles. Two are purple if you can believe that. One is for a baby girl due in August. One is a squishy lovely ribbed lovely for me. The last is fun springy and fruity! I can't wait to share them with you!

Finally, I am typing this blog post on my new Apple Bluetooth Keyboard while I look at the screen on my iPad. How slick is that!

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  1. I do like this pattern, and it look so pretty on you! Your hair looks amazing BTW. :)