Monday, April 11, 2011

Fireweed Handspun Cowl

Fireweed Handspun Cowl, originally uploaded by jeaniefarley1973.
First I need to mention that the last project - Bestie Matchy Socks was project 1 finished this weekend - Saturday evening to be exact...
Back to my current project! This project does not have Fireweed on it. I just think that the colors look like summer in Alaska. Bold and vibrant Fireweed. There are some lengths of colors that are tall like Fireweed so... Oh and it is my project and I love Fireweed so, there you go. This yarn is hand spun. It is fiber from Fat Cat Knits. I just love her colors. She is great at what she does, I highly recommend you get a couple colorways and she is fantastic at telling you what colors will work together! Case in point. These were not a duo (which she does often). I asked her to pick two to do color work together and these were her choices. My bestie Farrah drew up a design that I found on a different cowl and whallla a cowl is born. This cowl is warm and was knitted to wear under my cross country ski gear this winter but ummm, I finished a bit late so it will be ready to go for next ski season! Look for more posts about my spinning FCK fiber. I have a couple more beautiful skeins of yarn that are looking for a great project!
I don't have many details to post about this one as the yarn is truly one of a kind and the pattern is kind of well one of a kind too!


  1. J - Such beautiful colors and your All the latest projects are gorgeous - thanks for sharing. Three weeks and a few days until your "son celebration"; I'll be be thinking of all of you.
    Love, Auntie Rache