Friday, April 16, 2010

The naughty deer...

I have been working on another ear flap hat, chullo, toque, hockey hat - whatever you want to call it!!!  Clint is getting ready to take off on Sunday for a couple of weeks and since this hat is for his work buddy, Jake, I needed to slam it out last night.  When I got home from work I still had to close up the top, apply the ear flaps and finish of the edging with the icord bind off, oh yeah, and add the braids.  So I hunkered down on the couch, remote in hand and watched Bones, Bones - NEW, Glee - recorded and the Mentalist and managed to finish the hat, blocking included!  Here are some not so great shots of the Naughty Deer (I still need to work with Clint on the modeling thing - geez, pull the ear flaps down would you)! 
Pattern:  Chart from the "Fornicating Deer Chart" (on Ravelry)
Ear flap hat is personal - made up - perfecting!
Yarn:  Berroco Ultra Alplaca - Three Colors
Needles:  Size 4 Knit Picks Options


  1. i love glee! and the hat! you got it done so quickly! i love the colors!

  2. You are stinking talented!

  3. I love knitting to Bones! and the hat is awesome and hilarious.