Friday, April 9, 2010

Failure to follow instructions...

I am in new project mode.  I have started three new projects in the last week.  I think that is what happens when your needles become empty, the hunger to complete things comes out and projects jump on the needles.  So in addition of the two hats that I blogged about the other day I have also cast on a little sock called Skew.  This sock pattern is free and is here at  It has interesting construction and I am just having faith that it will all work out.  So I got started on this sock the other night, I was unhappy with the toe so I ripped and started again.  I was having issues with the Right Leaning Increase (it is difficult to knit into that pesky little stitch) so I thought I would go to the internet to see how other people do it and that is when I discovered that I do not follow instructions very well.  
Skew in Red Heart Brand Heart & Sole Yarn, colorway Razzle Dazzle 
(traditionally I am a bit of a yarn snob but I have to say, this yarn from Red Heart is very nice)
I made the assumption that I would just be doing a lifted increase, one slanting to the left, one slanting to the right, easy enough right, except for that pesky knitting into the front of the right slanter.  Well, this pattern calls for an entirely different increase that sounds similar in title but is completely different in execution.  I tried out the stitch, looked to see if it looked entirely different from the increase that I was doing (it looked different enough).  I have made a decision to NOT rip out the sock and start again.  I am going to move forward knitting it wrong!  I have learned a valuable lesson though - the stitch dictionary is there for a reason and I should READ IT!  I am happy to report I am not the ONLY one who has made this error. 

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  1. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?? I'm using Cat Bordhi's LLink/LRink - it looks fine to me, so I never double checked anything. Mine are at the same stage as yours - I'm saving the rest for car knitting on the way to VA this week.
    (I think yours are going to be way cool with that striping yarn!)