Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Did I fail or do I just get an incomplete?

So last night I attended my last Icelandic Sweater Class.  This class was meant for me to sew up the steek, cut my knitting and begin the finishing of the sweater!  Well, I worked on a hat.  I did not work on the sweater because the sweater was in a basket at home hibernating!  I don't think that I have been afraid to say I did not enjoy working on this project, at one point I even resolved that I would not work on projects that I do not enjoy, so I took my own advice and put it away!  The purpose of going to the class last night was to see how it is all done!  Is steeking in my future?  You bet.  It does not look all that difficult and as for the cutting of the knitting, yes, scary, but really not to hard to do.  I think the picking up of all of the stitches around the steek and making the inside look pretty is a bit more daunting!  So last night I kept referring to my progress as "failing" but one of the other ladies who is still knitting said no, we are just taking an incomplete!  (I still think that I am a failure because I am not sure I will ever pick up this project again).  Oh well!

It is spring in Alaska and we all woke up to snow, gray skies, cold air and wet roads!  BOO.  I hope it just takes a hike and the sun comes out again tomorrow to melt it all away!  

What are on my needles you ask?  I am currently working on two hat projects, not one but TWO!  Isn't that ridiculous?  First off I am making a "Naughty Deer" hat.  This hat is being knit in the tradition of my ear flap hats with all of my personal modification and I have added the "Fornicating Deer" chart as the design.  This hat is being knit as a request to my husband's co-worker Jake, he is celebrating his birthday this month...  
The second hat I have started is all but a band!  It is a Bohus inspired hat which pattern is in the book called Hats On!  I am working this hat along side my good friend Cathy.  
My next course of action is to begin spinning again.  I have been away from my wheel for far to long and I am dreaming of using it!!!  I am going to look into ordering a high speed whirl for it so I might be able to produce a little more, a little more quickly!

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