Monday, January 3, 2011

There's a hole in my sweater, dear Liza, dear Liza ...

Now I pride myself on being a pretty competent knitter. I am no exert, I will not claim that but I have learned how to knit many items and I have spent a fair share of time tinking back, dropping back stitches, fixing knits to purls and purls to knits BUT one thing I have always struggled with is seaming. Armholes, sides, pockets, you name it, if the pattern calls for seaming I am pretty much out! So here I go. I pick a sweater pattern with NO seaming. I am cooking right along. I had a break in my yarn. I joined that bad boy up and for some reason had the most terrible yarn join imaginable. I stitched it up as best I could but it looked messy. So here is where things go terribly wrong... I decided to take my join out. Problem here is I kept taking it out. To much out. I ended up unknitting several stitches. Uh oh. How do you fix that little mistake. Well after saying a few choice words I captured my stitches and decided I would call on one of my expert knitting buddies at Friday night knitting, that would be the quickest most reasonable answer to my dilemma. Well that worked for about 5 minutes until I started researching grafting in this manner. I tried Kitchener stitch which was fine except for the beginning. I tried my own rubbish method I mean really how hard can getting those 6 stitches to mesh could it be. Egads. I wanted to cry! I happened upon an article finally with this picture

and after several attempts I think my boo boo is pretty invisible. What do you think!

I think I will be able to say, this sweater has been a learning experience...


  1. It looks great! Plus this is a really good skill for when you have to mend it years from now. :)

    Man, looking back at that yarn. It is not very forgiving is it? You did a fantastic job!!

  2. It does look great! I'm sure this technique will be handy for me in the future. Thanks.
    ps My name is Liza. So, I felt compelled to comment. Love your blog.