Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busy but good!

Today has been a busy day! Busy but good I sometimes say! Every other Saturday morning something magical happens. The house cleaning fairies come to my house and erase two weeks of use and abuse to my bathrooms, kitchen, floors and furniture. The beds are made up with clean sheets and when we walk in from being gone the smell in the air is NOT dirty boy, but rather clean, crisp and bleachy (one of my favorite four words)! While they are in the house doing their magic we disappear, leaving them to it!
Today started busy. Even though I have a housekeeping team, I spend the better part of my Saturday morning BEFORE 10am cleaning... Ironic. I know. I have to strip the beds, clean up the clutter and load the dishwasher as I want them to clean the stuff, under, the clutter. 6:30 came and I was up. We then cleaned up and headed out to run errands. We take this time to do returns, pick up household items and get that nagging to do stuff done. One the list today, return iTrip to Best Buy, use up four gift cards at Borders...

returns and exchanges at Nordstoms, pick up cards that were left on my desk at work, zip into the yarn store for wool wash to give with baby shower gift (ummm, there was a line at the register, I couldn't resist)...

pick up medicine for the dreaded cold sore on Elliot's lip, rush home to pick up extra car and off to a baby shower I went. Clint went the opposite direction to take Elliot to his first trumpet lesson.
Baby Shower...

Pattern: Chloe by Never Not Knitting
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton in three colors
Sizes: One and Six

I made these sweaters for my friends Shannon and Troys new baby and daughter Laken. Laken's favorite colors are purple, pink and green. They will have a matching sweater moment, I am so glad that she liked them. I hope to share a picture of them wearing them eventually. Baby is marinating for a couple more weeks.

I hope you have all had a busy but GOOD day too!


  1. I think I might "need" to knit a sweater from the Rowan! Still looking for the pattern, thoughts?

  2. I read this and wonder how you possibly had time to knit my most beautiful "Bitterroot Rainbow" scarf as my surprise. You do beautiful work and I will think of all of you when I wear it --- we are expecting frigid weather this week so it will be keeping me toasty. Thank you again dear girl - Aunt Rachel