Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who said I was trying to de-stash?

Well it certainly would not have come from my mouth, did it? Yesterday I got a call from the local yarn store that my yarn had arrived. What yarn you say? Look at this pile of wonderful...

12 skeins of blue sky ALPACA SILK. I ordered this yarn in a soft cream color because the sweater that I have chosen to knit has this classic appeal. Good with jeans. Good with a skirt. Cream seemed a logical classic choice for "lightweight pullover".

Other knitting stuff that is going on! Gauge swatches. I hate them, hate them, hate them... but when jumping into a sweater knit on size 2 needles - a gauge swatch is a necessity! So here is my swatch for my lacy sweater.

I absolutely hate carrying the yarn like I did but APPARENTLY this is the appropriate way to do a gauge swatch when the pattern is knit in the round. Pretty right?

And onto our dog photos. Isn't he cute after his haircut. He got tuckered out at work and cuddled up with his chew bone in his new bed! We love this little guy so much. Lola still isn't sure but she will come around.

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