Tuesday, June 29, 2010

European Knitting...

On June 12, my husband and I embarked on a European vacation with 16 family and friends of which children were NOT included! This vacation or "holiday" as the Europeans call it included 3 countries (4 if you count a layover). What I didn't realize is that we took off on Knit in Public Day so true to the calendar I pulled out my knitting on our first leg of the trip, the 9 hour flight over the north pole headed to Frankfurt Germany from Alaska.

Here I am working on my Skew Sock. Cooking with bacon and grease.

I made pretty good progress on sock one but I am not a very good holiday knitter. During my vacation I had the goal to visit Chianti Cashmere. I had read about this cashmere goat farm on Ravelry and later her beautiful web site so I emailed and inquired on visiting his amazing place. I wanted to see the goats. Understand the business and leave with some products. Due to some unfortunate circumstances the business did not have inventory to speak of except this little basket with the softest cashmere I have ever felt. I was given a tour, lesson on goats and how the fur is gathered and processed and I even got to meet the 2 day old babies. Wow. What an adventure. Oh the drove there was a major adventure and I have my friend Anna to thank for getting is there safety.

The mama goats and their babies.

The workshop and showroom.

The main house and view.

My score. Yarn and spinning fiber.

More view and the owner and I.

Sneak peek for next time... Our Villa, Tizzano, built in the late 1300's. Tuscany, Italy. The Chianti region.