Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this is a blog, isn't it?

I have not logged in and blogged in awhile!  I have not had anything substancial to say I guess.  I have not really been doing much as far as knitting (I have been doing a lot but I have not finished anything lately).  So I guess I will just check in with all of my knitting friends.  
The weather in Anchorage has been phenominal.  We have had the most beautiful sunshine.  It is that time of year that we stay here for.  We Alaskan's put up with snow, cold, wet, dirty, snow, did I mention snow.  Around mid May we start to understand why.  The mountains are glorious, the grass begins its journey to green, the final bits of SNOW melt and reveil the little tiny plants that will thrive for a few months!  It is worth it!  
My new office is located near downtown, on the outskirts.  Close enough to be in the thick of it but just far enough out that we are not bogged down with buildings on all sides of us.  Currently this is the view out of my front window...  
Around 3 a guy will come out from behind our building (a long term hotel is behind us) and fly his remote control airplane.  Men and Women will gather around 4 to start practicing for softball season (it is a BIG deal here in Anchorage).  The sounds of summer come alive as the work day winds down.  I love our new office location.  It makes me want to wake up!  Oh and we have a wonderful place to walk at lunch!
So today might not be talk of knitting, but I hope it is worth reading.  What is it like where you all live?

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  1. Glad you have glorious sunshine - we've had high winds and blowing snow but nothing sticks. After the dry and sunny winter I guess mother nature has decided to show us who is in charge in Montana! Baby goslings are huddling under Mama's wings as the snow swirls around them.
    Our Farmer's Market opened on Saturday and I was thrilled to find lots of greenhouse organic veggies that I've been pining for...and some so soft alpaca yarn, even a thicker alpaca rug yarn. Thanks for sharing a glimpse out your window.