Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Handspun shawl...

Well, it has been a fair amount of time since I have been able to share a "knitting" blog post.  I am so excited about how this latest project turned out I just can't wait to share the lovely photo's.  So I was perusing my blogs that I frequent on Google Reader (awesome tool by the way) and I saw this lovely shawl that Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) had knit with some hand spun Romney.  I think he calls it his "Romney Kerchief".  This shawl did not come with a pattern, just some notes on its construction.  There lives in my stash the perfect hand spun yarn for this shawl.  I cast on, tore out, cast on again, tore out and played with this for about two days before I figured it out (or at least almost out).  Here are the results. 
Aren't the colors lovely.  This fiber is Blue Faced Leicester in colorway Fireside Chat and was purchased from Northern Lights Fiber Co.  
Construction is not difficult.  I cast on 10 stitches.  Increased using M1L and M1R after and before the three edge stitches and on either side of the two center stitches.  
row 1 was knit and increases, row 2 was knit, row 3 was knit and increases, row 4 was knit, row 5 was knit and increases, row six was purl.
That's it.  Oh and on the last repeat I just knit all of the rows, even row 6, that mimics the three garter stitches on the top of the shawl.
I in no way made up this construction.  I fell in love with the shawl on Brooklyn Tweed's web site, followed his notes and this is what came of it.  The right hand-spun yarn, as he said, makes the shawl.
My nephew Wesley Thomas Rabung graduated today from Chugiak High School.  Way to go Wesley.
Andy, Wesley, Julie (my sister), Nic, Mitchel
The proud Rabung family!
Oh and he is the first of my sister's and my 6 boys to graduate.  Next year my son Tanner and her son Nic both hit the stage!


  1. THAT is a gorgeous shawl Jeanie! The colors of your handspun are amazingly beautiful.

  2. WOW! That shawl is beautiful! Great job! Mine is coming along quite well. Can't wait to finish it.

    And BIG CONGRATS TO Wesley!

  3. The shawl is just beautiful!!! :-)

  4. Wow!! Love how the shawl turned out, so beautiful!!