Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fur Rondy = Fun in Alaska!

Let's start this post off with some festivities...
Fur Rondy (read about the history here) is a fun time in Anchorage and for all Alaskan's and more, to come out and celebrate our state and all of the wonderfulness that goes with it. I have lived in Alaska almost my entire life and I have not participated in many activities. Yesterday Clint and I ventured out and enjoyed all that is Rondy. Yesterday was the kick off of the Iditarod and with that comes the end of Fur Rondy. The activities that we enjoyed, Running with the Reindeer and the Miners & Trappers Ball. Here are some highlights of the day, night and early this morning! Yep, I think we hit the sheets at about 2 am this morning...

The reindeer are gearing up for another run down the street. There is a female in heat at the other end of the street and oh how they are eager to get to her!

Here is the 4th Avenue crowd. All excited to be running or just watching the crazy costumes.

Where's Waldo?

Dinner anyone? (This guy is from Maine, we visited with him at the Miners & Trappers Ball)

Do you see the almost naked man?

Clint and I all dressed up in our costume. Clint has beaver fever! Or the fever for the beaver. He found a union suit with a hatch door and Julie dreamed up these wonderful beaver costumes. Yes, these vests were for sale, at Khol's, FOR REAL!

Our group won best "Anything Goes" group costume. What an honor. OK there was only one other group but heck! We won something.

We had so much fun!

Let's talk about knitting...

First I want to share my mittens that were displayed in the last blog post.
Pattern: Fiddleheads
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in 6 colors
Needles: Size 3
I absolutely LOVE these mittens. They are lined with cashmere that I purchased on my trip to Italy last summer and they are so soft and warm inside. One of my favorite knits EVER!
Modifications, NONE. If I were to make these again I think I would do the cast on differently or even do a provisional and the same on the liner and do a three needle bind off or an icord bind off with them together! Picking up those stitches evenly was a bit difficult. It took some time. I also cast on with a dark color which added to the difficulty. Look at the inside. They are just as pretty!

Here are some of my works in progress!!!

Cedar Leaf Shawlette
I am using Fleece Artists Sea Wool for this project. It has been in my stash for ages and I am excited to have it used. I think it lends nicely to the design of the shawlette.
This project is super quick and starts with the long edge while using short rows to do the scoop. The last part is knitting the leaf border and you do this at the same time as attaching it to the shawl. It is very clever. I plan on finishing this project up today!

Basic socks! No pattern, just winging it! I am using some yarn that is left over from my besties socks... Hey, I think we might match, exactly...

I have so much more that I have been doing. I plan on doing a spinning post here soon to show off some of the spinning I completed during the last month as well as a project I am knitting from handspun and some newly aquired fiber.

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