Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dying in Big Lake

Yesterday was a fun and eventful day as we traveled North to Big Lake. Big Lake is about an hour and a half drive and we were headed there to dye some yarn. I have dyed yarn once before in my own kitchen and had a good time but by going to Big Lake we were learning from the pro! Denise Morris of Fiber-N-Ice dyes yarn for a living. She has a beautiful new workshop and store addition that we were able to work in! We learned a few different techniques as well as worked with several different different fibers and yarn types.

Here we are getting ready to dye our hand painted sock yarn!

Here I am painting my yarn! I used Steel Gray, Vermilian, and Teal.

Zaynab stuck with two colors. Golden Ochre and Steel Gray.

Nannette spent a lot of time working out her colors. Her sock yarn turned out beautiful.

Cathy is working on our second hand painted skein. This time a thicker bamboo and merino blend. It feels yummy.

Here is an example of crowded pot dying. We made four skeins of silk and wool singles. Purple, gray and teal.

Caiti is demonstrating the gradual dying process. Using one color the yarn starts out dark and gets lighter and lighter.

Here is all of the yarn hanging after being rinsed and quickly spun out in the washer.

Here we all are (Caiti is taking the picture) after a long fun day of "dying".

Sara showed up for just a while too and she and Caiti showed off some of the yarn.

I ended up bringing home:
1 skein of sock yarn
2 skeins of bamboo merino
1 skein of silk wool blend
1 skein of faukland

I also got to sneak three short skeins in that were used in the crowded pot.

Dying yarn is fun. Can be time consuming and it takes time to think about the outcome. I am excited to knit something with my new yarn.


  1. What a fun day - can't wait to see your newly dyed yarn up close!

  2. It was a fun day! I can hardly wait to do it again. We have some beautiful yarn.

  3. Look like a good time was had by all!
    Miss you guys... still in Az.
    happy knitting